Tanisha Sullivan Launches “Democracy Conversations” Series

March 10, 2022Contact: Maddie Rocklin, communications@tanishasullivan.com 

Today, Tanisha Sullivan, candidate for Secretary of State in Massachusetts, announced the launch of her campaign’s “Democracy Conversations” series. The series of roundtable conversations will bring together advocates, experts, and community stakeholders from across Massachusetts to discuss critical elements of policy connected to the Secretary of State’s office, including voting rights and access, government transparency and accountability, and economic opportunity. 

The “Democracy Conversations” series will be co-chaired by a diverse, dynamic group of community leaders: Danielle Allen, former Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate and national democracy advocate; Jordan Berg Powers, Executive Director of Mass Alliance; Karilyn Crockett, Assistant Professor of Urban History, Public Policy & Planning at MIT and former Chief Equity Officer for the City of Boston; Avi Green, Senior Director of Strategy at The New School and former Executive Director at MassVOTE; and, Diana Hwang, Founder and Executive Director of the Asian American Women’s Political Initiative. 

“Policy shouldn’t happen to us, it should happen with and through us,” said Sullivan. “It’s so important to ensure that in the Secretary of State’s office — and across our state government — we are co-creating policy in deep partnership with community, so that we are advancing solutions that are innovative, inclusive, and sustainable. I’m so grateful to the fantastic group of co-chairs who have agreed to help lead this effort, and I’m so excited to work alongside them and folks from across the state to build a stronger, more vibrant, and more expansive democracy for everyone in Massachusetts.” 

“Our democracy is our power — and when all of us truly have a voice in shaping our collective decisions, we can build solutions that empower all of us,” said Danielle Allen. “Tanisha Sullivan is doing great work to make sure our Commonwealth’s most important policies are built from the grassroots and the ground up, and that’s exactly the leadership Massachusetts needs from our next Secretary of State. I’m delighted to be part of these people-first, people-powered efforts.”

“When policy is detached from the lived experiences of our communities it fails to truly address their needs; and worse it furthers the belief that government is not relevant to people’s lives. As a progressive I am passionate about making government work for regular people. Policies that marry experts with the lived experiences of regular citizens are the policies that can transform communities for the better,” said Jordan Berg Powers.

“The government we need comes from the vision we create together. We stand in a pivotal moment of reckoning and remaking of the Commonwealth’s most vital institutions and we need bold leaders to guide us every step of the way. Tanisha Sullivan is the leader we need for a time such as this. She’s listening to every voice and building equity from the ground because she knows that’s where real change is rooted,” said Karilyn Crockett. 

“Building a stronger democracy has to start by engaging community and creating pathways and opportunities for people who have been excluded for too long,” said Diana Hwang. “These conversations signal a commitment on the part of Tanisha and her campaign to bring together a diversity of voices and perspectives in order to make our democracy more accessible and representative, and I’m excited to be involved.” 

“These conversations are a natural extension of the work I’ve done throughout my career to reduce racial and economic disparities in voting, civic engagement, and power,” said Avi Green. “Too often, communities are shut out of policymaking discussions. This needs to change. That’s why I’m excited that Tanisha Sullivan invited me to participate in this process.” 

The “Democracy Conversations” series will kick off this month, and the ideas discussed will be used to help build out comprehensive policy priorities for the next Secretary of State. 

About Tanisha Sullivan

Tanisha is an attorney, former Chief Equity Officer in the Boston Public Schools and President of the NAACP Boston, who has led a career dedicated to service—from working in community and across the ideological spectrum to deliver on civil rights and social, economic, and racial justice, to decades as a practicing lawyer in corporate firms and life science companies. A Brockton native, she’s running for Massachusetts Secretary of State because it’s time to realize the full potential of this office in the fight to protect voting rights, increase government transparency and accessibility, engage the electorate, and build a stronger, more vibrant democracy for all.

Those interested in learning more about Tanisha and her campaign can visit www.TanishaSullivan.com and follow her @Tanisha4MA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram