Tanisha Sullivan Challenges Secretary Bill Galvin to Three Broadcast Debates

On heels of MassDems endorsement at convention, Sullivan declares debates are needed “so voters can learn more about the difference in our visions for the office.”

June 6, 2022 — Today, Tanisha Sullivan, who is now officially on the ballot against William Galvin for MA Secretary of State, issued a challenge for him to participate in at least three live broadcast debates between now and the Democratic primary, scheduled for Sept. 6. “There is no office in Massachusetts with more of a duty or responsibility to advance the fullness of our democracy than the office of Secretary of State. It is about more than registering people to vote or issuing certificates of good standing, and voters deserve to learn more about what this office could and should be,” said Sullivan. “I challenge Secretary Galvin to participate in at least three broadcast debates so voters can understand the difference in our visions for the office.” GBH has offered to host an informal debate between Ms. Sullivan and Secretary Galvin on “Greater Boston” with Jim Braude as moderator, which the campaign has committed to and scheduling for early August.
With 62.4% of delegates voting for Sullivan at this past weekend’s Democratic Convention, a super majority, she earned 
MassDems’ endorsement and became the first woman of color to receive the party’s endorsement in a statewide race. Sullivan easily surpassed the 15% threshold needed to get on the primary ballot. 

About Tanisha Sullivan

Tanisha is an attorney, former Chief Equity Officer in the Boston Public Schools and President of the NAACP Boston, who has led a career dedicated to service — from working in community and across the ideological spectrum to deliver on civil rights and social, economic, and racial justice, to decades as a practicing lawyer in corporate firms and life science companies. A Brockton native, she’s running for Massachusetts Secretary of State because it’s time to realize the full potential of this office in the fight to protect voting rights, increase government transparency and accessibility, engage the electorate, and build a stronger, more vibrant democracy for all.

Learn more about Tanisha and her campaign at www.TanishaSullivan.com and @Tanisha4MA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram