Greater Boston Building Trades Unions announce endorsement of Tanisha Sullivan for Secretary of State

Boston, July 14, 2022 – The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions (GBBTU) have announced their endorsement of Tanisha Sullivan for Secretary of State.

“Tanisha Sullivan has proven to be a strong champion of our democracy in her push to secure and expand voting rights in Massachusetts. Her commitment to advancing shared economic prosperity and creating a level playing field for everyone in the commonwealth puts her squarely on the side of working people,” said Brian Doherty, General Agent of the Greater Boston Building Trades Unions. “In her capacity as president of the Boston NAACP and in her advocacy work, Tanisha has focused on fairness and equity throughout her career. She’ll fight to ensure workers across our state have access to good union jobs that provide family-sustaining wages, health insurance, retirement security, safe working conditions and a voice at work and in our community.”

“Tanisha’s decades of experience demonstrate her commitment to the same principles that drive the labor movement, including equity for all workers and working families, on and off the job,” said Desalia Gomes, a member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 4 and co-chair of the Building a Stronger Boston committee. The Building a Stronger Boston committee is composed of Boston residents who are members of the Building Trades Unions. The committee works to support candidates like Sullivan who believe in good union careers and who work alongside building trades union members to create stronger communities. “From our worksites to the state house and everywhere in between, we know that Tanisha is a champion for working people and that she will continue to prioritize racial and economic justice as Secretary of State. Tanisha is proactive, genuine, transparent, and has always been engaged and active in our communities. We are thrilled to be supporting Tanisha in this important election and we will be with her every step of the way.”

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About the Greater Boston Building Trades Unions:

The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions represent 35,000 working families in the Metropolitan Boston region. The building trades unions advance social and economic justice by providing family-supporting wages, healthcare benefits, and dignified retirement benefits to workers and their families in the construction industry.

The Greater Boston Building Trades Unions, an umbrella group of 20 local construction unions, in partnership with more than 3,300 union contractors, provide the highest standards for workers in the construction industry. It is through collective bargaining and the Labor-Management partnership that workers achieve the highest levels of training, safety, and economic security throughout their careers.

About Tanisha Sullivan 

Tanisha is an attorney, former Chief Equity Officer in the Boston Public Schools and President of the NAACP Boston, who has led a career dedicated to service—from working in community and across the ideological spectrum to deliver on civil rights and social, economic, and racial justice, to decades as a practicing lawyer in corporate firms and life science companies. A Brockton native, she’s running for Massachusetts Secretary of State because it’s time to realize the full potential of this office in the fight to protect voting rights, increase government transparency and accessibility, engage the electorate, and build a stronger, more vibrant democracy for all. Tanisha recently earned the MassDems endorsement (62% of delegates) at the state convention, which determined candidates for statewide office who will be on the ballot for the Sept. 6 primary.

Learn more about Tanisha and her campaign at and @Tanisha4MA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.