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Believe in what's possible for a strong, vibrant, and expansive democracy.

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Government shouldn’t happen to us, it should happen with us.
Tanisha sullivan at Boston Common with two volunteers holding every vote counts signs

Meet Tanisha

Tanisha is a seasoned attorney, courageous civil rights leader, and dedicated public servant. After more than 25 years in the private sector, with experience working in our public schools and leading one of the most respected civil rights organizations in Boston, she is seeking the office of Secretary of State to help create and protect a strong, vibrant, and expansive democracy that works for all of us.

My Vision

Our democracy is at an inflection point.  With a bold vision and deep belief in what’s possible, I’m running for Secretary of State because, in the fight for a strong, vibrant, and expansive democracy, we deserve more. Voting rights are under attack across our country, and here in Massachusetts we continue to fight to break down barriers to the ballot box that disproportionately impact BIPOC, low-income residents, and young people.

The Secretary of the State is the hub of our democracy, with the power to inspire voter engagement and advance a culture of equitable civic participation. As Secretary, I’ll champion policies to defend and expand voting rights and be a courageous partner with our communities to break down barriers to participation.

Government shouldn’t happen to us, it should happen with us. We need to do more to ensure Massachusetts residents are empowered with reliable access to the information we need to participate and hold our government accountable. As Secretary, I will work to create greater access to and ensure the transparency of our public records, to support a more expansive and inclusive democracy.

Economic inequality impacts families and communities across the Commonwealth. As the gateway to business in Massachusetts, the Secretary’s office should take a leading role in tackling this issue. As Secretary, I’ll promote and support small business development, protect investments from fraud, and use an equity lens to develop and implement policies that improve quality of life for all of us.